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Thin Hair Remedies


Thickening Deep Conditioner

Thickening Oil Blends (includes essential oils)

Thickening (Intense) Treatment

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Dry Hair Remedies


Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Moisturizing Refresher Spritz

Moisturizing Oil Blends (includes essential oils)

Moisturizing (Intense) Treatment

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Damaged Hair Remedies


Damage Repair Deep Conditioner

Damage Repair Refresher Spritz

Damage Repair Oil Blends (with essential oils)

Damage Repair (Intense) Protein Treatment

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Growth Hair Remedies


Growth Deep Conditioner

Growth Oil Blends (includes essential oils)

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Ayurvedic Hair Remedies


Henna Glosses / Deep Conditioner

Ayurvedic Oil Blends (includes essential oils)

Ayurvedic (Intense) Treatment

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Healthy Hair is Happy Hair!

Show your curls, coils, and waves some love and TLC with one of Curl Remedies great hair care lines. Trust us, your curls will thank you for the 100% all natural nourishment by becoming more manageable, soft to touch, and improved curl definition. Take the overall health of your hair up to the next level. Guaranteed!

Let nature unlock your hair's full potential

Grow your hair. Repair damaged hair. Moisturize severely dry brittle hair. Thicken thin hair...all NATURALLY! 

Define Your Curls

Want maximum curl definition? It starts with healthy hair. When your hair is at its best on the inside it shows on the outside. Hair that is hydrated and has protein and nourishment will thrive... and so will your curls & coils in return. The Curly Girl method is encouraged here at Curl Remedies, we're all about the health of your hair and getting your tresses to flourish no matter what type of waves, curls, kinks, or coils you have.                                     Healthy hair is GOOD hair!